Logo Design: Jona Sbarzaglia / Naming, Pay-off and text: Patricia De Croce

OperaPro® Pegasoft delivers the most effective environmental control solutionsfor all artifact conservation and exhibition needs. Is not a mere device but a system using a range ofsophisticated technology like sensors, the Internet and data transmission combinedwith specialist know-how and advanced software to guarantee constant centralizedremote monitoring of microclimate conditions surrounding artifacts and documents.
OperaPro® Pegasoft delivers a services and consultancy package ensuringoptimal, highly professional conservation of all materials and works of art. Swiftlyinstalled, our environment control system is designed to be readily understood bymuseum management professionals. Obtaining easy-to-read periodical reports and easy-to-implement advice, being ableto rationalize and optimize restoration work, meeting microclimate monitoringregulations set by accreditation and/or funding bodies, certifying temporaryexhibition environments, or contributing to energy consumption optimization are nolonger a problem with
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